The company “Veridian” was founded in 1993 in Zagreb. The company is made up of a group of prominent specialists specialising in information technology, business process management, healthcare and other imaging-compatible technologies. Our strength is expertise, self-reliance, inspiration, and adaptability. We have been specialising over the years in development of healthcare information exchange projects and we are recognised as one of the leading well-managed, healthcare and business companies that focus on cost-effectiveness in conjunction with health preservation in the broader sense.

We are concentrating on new medical IT technologies by bringing together the best manufacturers and development centers on the current market, particularly investing in the management, optimization and control of the work processes. We work with a large number of domestic and foreign partners and have extensive experience in clinical radiology and teleradiology, pathology, cytology, histology, clinical pathways implementation and audit sequences, offering not only the products but also consultancy services, planning, management and supervision of projects, installation services, implementation and support for our users.


Clinical hospital Dubrava, Zagreb, Croatia
Clinical hospital Merkur, Zagreb, Croatia
Clinical hospital centre Zagreb, Croatia
Clinical hospital Acibadem Sistina, Skopje, Macedonia
Polyclinic Medikol, Croatia
Special hospital St. Catherine, Croatia
Special hospital Thalassotherapia, Opatija, Croatia
General hospital Dubrovnik, Croatia
Polyclinic Marin Med, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Polyclinic Neuron, Zagreb, Croatia
Clinical centre of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia
Special hospital Medico, Croatia