Short project descritipon

The project realization made it possible to reach applicable standard levels of mutually recognized levels of quality and safety in the exchange of products and business solutions by increasing the use of recognized norms that contribute to customer confidence in the field of management and security. This will facilitate the access to foreign markets as well as new customers in the domestic market.

The project includes following activities:

  1. Introducing ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 27001 standards;
  2. Promotion and visibility.

Goals and expected project results

Common project goal is to achive an acceptible level of ISO standars and increase securty in development of services through implementation of ISO 27001, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 norms for acomplishing specific goals, and therefore small and medium buisness through consulting and implementing quality control systems. Specific goals that will be achieved through certification and system control auditing are:

  1. Increased use of recognized norms which contribute to the trust of buyers trough implemention of 3 new standards (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 27001);
  2. Increasing competitiveness by introducing three certified systems for quality control and information security;
  3. Expending capacities and spreading to international markets;
  4. Investing into employees’ education;
  5. Increase of income.

With the introdutcion of management system certification, the company will expand its buisness to foreign markets, expand the network of buyers and suppliers, which will affect the growth of income.

The project result sustainability extends at least 3 years from project completion, which includes:

  1. recertification and control procedures and certification maintenance for ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485;
  2. education of employees which will be able to adhere to the procedures as prescribed by the norms;
  3. the financial capacity for sustainability which, given the financial result so far, will be sufficent for this activity.

The process of recertification and control of the obtained standards was assured by signing a contract with the suppliers, which will guarantee the control of full application of standards in business, analyse the business results obtained through application of standards and make recommendations for business applications.

Application of standards means educating employees which will acquire essential skills and knowledge in the implementation of procedures, internal metodologies and prescribed procedures for practices of the company, which will enable their application to continue after completion of the project. The roles of individuals in the team and throughout the company will be clearly defined, and all employees will be individually responisble for the full application of the standards and principles defined by the norms. Also, the traning of current employees will allow the transfer of specific skills to new and future employees of the company.

The total value of the project and the amount co-financed by the EU (u HRK)

  • Total value of the porject is 249.625,00 HRK
  • The total project value and the amount subsidized by the EU (in HRK) 199.700,00 HRK
  • The EU’s share in the financing the project is 169.745,00 HRK

Project implementation period

01.12.2018. – 01.12.2019.

Contact for additional information

email: info(a)