21.09.2019. – We have participated in healthcare panel “Doctor, are you a robot?” within this year Weekend Media Festival held in Rovinj, and presented Veridian’s workflow management and data consolidation R&D project within Eureka! project. #eureka #veridian #weekend12

18.07.2019. – We have successfully completed the ISO standard integration for the company processes and required certification of ISO9001, ISO13485 and ISO27001. Our potential was also noticed by the Croatian agency for small and medium businesses and most of the project was subsidised by the european structural and investment funds of competency and cohesion framework system.


29.03.2019. – At the 7th “Future is now” conference, we’ve had the chance of presenting our solution concept for the central medical repository – a central repository system of medical data supported by assisted intelligence.


15.01.2019. – We are proud to announce that JiveX Enterprise PACS solution, developed by our partner Visus Health IT GmbH, was proclaimed to be the best european PACS system of 2019 through testing by KLAS organization. The focus of the anonymous customer satisfaction survey was on culture, loyalty, efficiency, product, relationship and value. Our users gave us a total of extremely high 92.3 out of a possible 100 points, especially when compared to an average score of 81.1 points. Therefore, we are extremely proud that, in our market, more and more users are recognizing the value of the JiveX Enterprise PACS system.


01.12.2018. – Special hospital Medico in Rijeka and Veridian Healthstream made a contract for delivery of an advanced and integrated RIS/PACS system which integrates all radiolgical activities in all parts of the hospital and introduces integrated imaging serving the needs of all users. With the implementation of radiology informatio system and a subsystem for archiving and communication of medical content, Special hospital Medico has made another technological breakthrough in order to ensure the high quality of services provided.

15.10.2018. – We are proud to announce that we have, together with our Slovenian partner Part IT d.o.o., won the Eureka! tender under the patronage of HAMAG-BICRO for innovation and development of an application system solution that which will be implemented in the upcoming years.

27.03.2018. – 25th anniversary of Veridian Healthstream company. We are extremely proud of our acomplished results and market reputation which we gained through our hard work. Today we are recognized as a serious participatn in medical IT, as a system integrator and independent IT vendor.

We would  like to thank our clients and colleagues for their trust and support through the years and we look forward to future cooperation.