medavis RIS – advanced radiology information system

medavis RIS – Optimized workflow controll

medavis RIS optimizes the radiological workflow in its entirety. In every step of the process, medavis RIS enables dedicated functions and access to all needed information, which contributes to ease of use of the system. Access to comprehensive statistics and control tools enables wholesome control and insures quality. Thanks to a sophisticated user interface, medavis RIS integrates flexibility in every part of system infrastructure, taking in consideration individual facts, delivers optimal performance and adjusts to your every need. In case your organisation or workflow changes, flexible medavis RIS adjusts to the new work environment.

  • – Scalability, modularity, integrability
  • – We bring rich international expertise in response to the needs of the local market
  • – Teleradiology – portal4med
  • – Control tools – cockpit4med
  • – Proven solutions for group structure with multiple locations

Visus JiveX Enterprise PACS & Integrated Imaging

JiveX Enterprise PACS

One view, one click, one finding – radiology in a simple and effective

Whether in the doctor’s office or in clinical radiology, JiveX Enterprise PACS offers efficient and versatile solutions for every scenario. Flexible interfaces, modular design and high scalability make it possible to establish a tailor-made image-data management system. In addition, extensive DICOM support provides the ability to interface with the equipment of any manufacturer and creates the necessary freedom to work economically. By virtue of deep integration in the important information systems, JiveX offers reliable and meaningful linking of patient data and in this way optimizes the workflow in doctors’ offices and hospitals.

  • – Customized hanging and reading protocols
  • – 3-D processes and vascular analysis integrated into the workflow
  • – Teleradiology in accordance with the RoeV
  • – Integrated image on the web and mobile
  • – Proven multisite solutions for group structures

JiveX Integrated Imaging

One hospital, one viewer, one PACS – Image and reports in one single system

On the basis of extensive experience in radiological image management and archiving, VISUS also offers, with JiveX Integrated Imaging (PACS-II), the ability to integrate non radiological image and diagnostic data into the PACS throughout the hospital. Regardless of whether the issue is ECG, endoscopy or wound documentation, JiveX allows data of the most diverse formats not only to be filed but also to be evaluated for diagnostics and linked with further patient data. JiveX Integrated Imaging permits interfacing with modalities and the existing PACS throughout the hospital and independently of the manufacturer, while the Analog Modality Gateway converts non-DICOM to DICOM data.

  • – Multivendor and consolidated archiving of the entire imaging
  • – Complete availability and complete digitization of all image, video, .pdf and biosignal data based on IHE
  • – All images, videos and signals can be accessed via a consistent, ­(German) Medical Devices Act-compliant viewer
  • – HIS integration at all workstations with only one interface with the HIS
  • – Proven multisite solutions for group structures

mediCAD – orthopedic module

mediCAD® Classic 2D

The latest version of mediCAD® Classic – module for planning orthopaedic operations of german manufacturer Hectec mediCAD GmbH – in new version is focused on simplification of your work, i.e. automatically pozitioning during planning of hip operation, automatic recognizing of the femoral shaft axis on the occasion of offset measurement or automatic suggestion for most commonly used implants from the data base of implants. It is fully integrable with PACS archives as a part of Enterprise PACS systems, but also available as a standalone soluton for smaller businesses.

  • – Hip
  • – Knee
  • – Long leg – Osteotomy
  • – Upper limbs
  • – Leg – Hallux Valgus
  • – Trauma

mediCAD® Classic 3D

Even more accurate and accurate planning of orthopaedic surgery was made possible by mediCAD 3D tools adjusted for planning of hip. knee, shoulder, spine and elbow operations. That way Hectec mediCAD became pioneer and currently has no competition. It is based on the studies performed by computed tomography (CT) and enables improved display and simulations of the outcome of the operations.

Ziosoft – advanced visualization

Renowned for years american company Ziosoft delivers top notch solutions when it comes to tools for visual and analytical issues. As a leader in the field of medical imaging seek to solve complex problems that arise from complex needs in medical research and healthcare. Ziosoft products are state-of-the-art in advanced clinical visualization with deep specialization and not only radiology, but also in other specialties such as cardiology, pulmonology and others. Modern architecture and standardization enable implementation and integration in nearly all clinical environment, regardless of the manufacturer of the archive or equipment.

  • – Scalability
  • – Great clinical solutions
  • – Modular work mode
  • – Superior performance

Shakespeare™ – ShakeMediTX medical registers and clinical pathways

Clinical Process Management

Shakespeare ™ is an innovative and flexible platform for managing heterogeneous workflows adjusted to the needs of the users in terms of implementing flexible and often changing work processes that require process management and process quality control. The platform is entirely web oriented and provides a full set of additional features over existing platforms.

Healthcare applications primarily focus on the implementation of positive clinical practice into the clinical setting by forming medical registers and clinical pathways.

  • – Scalability
  • – 100% web
  • – Flexibility
  • – Superior performance