Modern solutions

We offer solutions adjusted to the profile of the user – doesn’t matter if its private practice, polyclinic, clinic or chains of clinics, we fulfil the request in its entirety and control the work process of radiology and nuclear medicine, achieving diagnostic and therapeutic images, integrated in clinical or polyclinical environment, in telemedicinal work process, as well in distribution of healthcare data in a safe and technically approved way.
Modularity, scalability and “future-proof “architecture are our advantages.   >>>>>

Complete integration

All our solutions are made by international standards and enable complete integration in work processes and informatic ecosystems in entirety, independent of their profile. Integrating all system and software components we create a bigger image in an uncompromising function of integration.

Standards and guidelines: DICOM, HL7, XDS, IHE

Manufacturers certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 27001


Control of the processes of radiology and nuclear medicine

Modern healthcare institutions that seek to increase their performance and reach positive results, both professionally and in business, recognize the need to invest in IT.

Modern technology enables the overall digitisation and informatisation of radiology and nuclear medicine, achieving medium and long-term goals in saving funds by increasing the efficiency of the work process.

Advanced radiology information systems we offer have tailored solutions no matter the user’s profile – whether it is for private practice, polyclinics, clinics or clinical chains and university hospitals.


Integrated clinical imaging and medical repositories (archives)

Through the advancement of technology in medicine, many information systems and subsystems have been created, most commonly specialised imaging and reporting systems adapted to a particular branch of medicine. This is best seen in the image and image archive domain; many systems communicate through proprietary protocols and interfaces, archiving data in a variety of formats.

In today’s modern, information-equipped clinical environment, we find a large number of such imaging and reporting subsystems that the central hospital system, due to its different purpose, cannot manage in an appropriate, functional way. From the user side, the end user, the doctor, because of the heterogeneity of the information systems and subsystems in which each archive and displays the data differently, there is no easy and quick access to all the necessary information at the same time.

We offer a solution capable or advanced communication and archiving, not only of DICOM and non-DICOM material (images), but also biosignal (ECG, EMNG, EEG…), structured and nanostructured non-proprietary data formats (PDF, JPG, HL7), all while maintaining the consistency of data with the patient information serving as process starting point.  >>>>>

Clinical pathways and registries

Clinical Pathways represent access to standardization of health care to support the implementation of clinical pathways and protocols. They differ from clinical guidelines and protocols precisely because they represent a set of practical treatment processes with details and emphasis on how clinical pathways are implemented, including clinical guidelines and non-clinical activities.

Clinical pathways are also known as integrated care routes, coordinated care routes, care maps or expected recovery paths – they represent a task-oriented treatment plan that details the essential steps in treating patients with specific clinical problems and describes the expected clinical course of the patient.

We offer you extremely flexible and integrate able platform for implementation of clinical pathways in the process of medical environment.