portal4med - web-based communication platform

Communication without limits

New forms of care which rely on close cooperation between hospitals, care centres, doctor networks and medical service providers are now an indispensable component of modern healthcare. They give patients single-source but cross-disciplinary care with reduced patient transit. But all departments and personnel involved must be closely networked together for the process to work smoothly. The versatile, modular web platform portal4med enables seamless communication to all parties involved – from referrer portal to teleradiology.

Cross-site Communication  

portal4med is an innovative platform combining different medical portal services and controlling medical network workflows. portal4med is based on web technology, international communications and the latest security standards.

Within hospital or doctor networks, medical care centres and service providers, portal4med controls communications between the participating disciplinary systems – irrespective of location and the local IT infrastructure. All it takes is internet access. With its close networking capacity and simple access, the web portal improves information exchanges between treating doctors, reveals individual treatment steps, optimises and speeds up process flows.

portal4med use cases

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Teleconsultation and Telediagnosis, order assignment to external service providers or obtaining second opinions – all are handled by portal4med, quick and easy, and thanks to its secure data exchange between all participants.


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Referring doctors are integrated directly into the radiological workflow. Examinations for their patients can be scheduled faster and reports are available in a shorter period of time for further treatment. NEW: Download of original DICOM data.


Create excitement amongst your referrers and patients about your services.

Web-based Communication Platform

  • Workflow-orientated information management
  • Communication across sites and disciplinary boundaries
  • Distribution of images and diagnoses

Interfaces and Technology

portal4med is compatible with all communication standards in current use in medicine: HL7, DICOM, XML, IHE. This makes it a simple matter to integrate the portal in heterogeneous system environments. The platform is based on modern web technology, which ensures that it functions irrespective of the infrastructure and operating system. No matter how your IT structure develops, portal4med adapts flexibly to the new requirements and your previous investments are safeguarded

Secure and independent

portal4med stands for flexibility, independence and the highest security standards.

  • The detailed assignment of access authorisations always guarantees transparency and security in the handling of sensitive medical data
  • You can use portal4med in medical imaging centers and hospitals and also from home. All you need is an internet connection and an up-to-date version of the commonest browsers
  • The user-friendly desktop interface is intuitive to operate and uncomplicated to use in medical imaging centers or hospitals
  • Data is encrypted and transmitted securely
  • Straightforward and secure integration without complicated VPN installation


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