JiveX Integrated Imaging


JiveX Integrated Imaging – One hospital, one viewer, one PACS – Image and reports in one single system

On the basis of extensive experience in radiological image management and archiving, VISUS also offers, with JiveX Integrated Imaging (PACS-II), the ability to integrate non radiological image and diagnostic data into the PACS throughout the hospital. Regardless of whether the issue is ECG, endoscopy or wound documentation, JiveX allows data of the most diverse formats not only to be filed but also to be evaluated for diagnostics and linked with further patient data. JiveX Integrated Imaging permits interfacing with modalities and the existing PACS throughout the hospital and independently of the manufacturer, while the Analog Modality Gateway converts non-DICOM to DICOM data.


Benefits of JiveX Integrated Imaging at a glance:

  • Multivendor and consolidated archiving of the entire imaging
  • Complete availability and complete digitization of all image, video, .pdf and biosignal data based on IHE
  • All images, videos and signals can be accessed via a consistent, ­(German) Medical Devices Act-compliant viewer
  • HIS integration at all workstations with only one interface with the HIS
  • Proven multisite solutions for group structures