JiveX Medical Archive


JiveX Medical Archive – Vendor-neutral archiving in medicine

Medically relevant information is stored scattered across various systems and archives – from the HIS to specialist systems – in different formats, and in some cases even in different locations within the hospital. This decentralized storage presents two problems for the treating physician: bringing together all of the medical information needed for treatment requires a great deal of time. Furthermore, there is a risk when data is held in scattered locations of important information not being considered during the decision-making process because its existence is simply overlooked.


Benefits of JiveX Medical Archive at a glance:

  • Vendor-neutral and consolidated archives at a glance for all areas of medical documentation
  • All medical data, documents, images, videos, and signals accessible anywhere in the hospital using a single viewer which is conformant with the German Medical Devices Act [MPG]
  • Inter-institutional communication via IHE-XDS
  • HIS integration at all workstations with just one interface to the HIS
  • Tried and tested multiple site solutions for association-type structures