medavis RIS


Optimized Workflow Management

medavis RIS optimises the complete radiological workflow. For each process step, medavis RIS provides dedicated functions and all relevant information at a glance, thus making the system very ease to work with from the start. Comprehensive statistics and management tools provide important information for controlling and quality management. Thanks to a sophisticated interface, medavis RIS integrates flexibly into every system infrastructure, takes individual facts into account to a high degree, provides optimal performance and continuously grows with your needs. If your organisation or infrastructure changes, medavis RIS flexibly adapts to the new requirements.

We support you from project planning to installation, training and system start. Afterwards, our qualified service team assists you in all questions, provides software updates, maintenance and early detection of error sources. In this way, you can work without disturbances.

medavis_workflow chart

Intelligent Scheduling

With an intelligent scheduling, you can increase the number of possible examinations, improve the occupancy rate of your modalities and enhance your productivity in a sustainable way. medavis RIS enables you to schedule examinations comfortably with its integrated calendar and flexible display settings. It also takes the examination duration and waiting times into account, searches for free appointment slots, can retrace changes and much more.

Efficient Examination and Evaluation

All necessary functions are available at a glance via special workstation profiles. An intuitive user interface facilitates not only the first steps with the program but also the daily work. The strictly digital workflow reduces transit times and promotes quick and efficient communication. You have direct access to all required information at all times. For evaluation, you can choose from the latest different technologies in word processing: Speech recognition, digital dictation or external transcription service. For report communication, you can choose from all common possibilities: via HL7 to connected systems, via e-mail or fax to referrers or the medavis web platform portal4med. In addition, the Diagnostic Patient Center displays all important information concerning the current report. Thus, you can use your resources optimally and increase your efficiency.

medavis Reporting and Scheduling

Automated Billing

During the examination, all services and materials relevant for billing are registered. medavis RIS supports the integration of national fee catalogues, checks billing rules and automatically bills your services and creates the corresponding invoice. Of course, you can also check and adjust the billing manually.

Flexible Screen Display

The medavis RIS offers a high application standard due to user-friendly usage, clear design and flexible screen display. With one mouse-click you can switch between a light and a dark desktop user interface and adjust to the different workstation scenarios.

Modern System Architecture

The system architecture is based on a client-server solution for Windows OS. The data will be saved in a modern relational database.



  • Assure and Assess Quality

Medical data is documented completely. This ensures that information relevant for evaluation is available at a glance. All steps are logged and an extensive analytic tool with more than 450 predefined statistics presents the important data to you, your controlling department and your quality management.

  • Integrate and Extend Flexibly

Initially, your medavis RIS solution will be adapted to your workflow and your needs. Thanks to open interfaces, it integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure. Due to its open, modular structure it can be extended flexibly according to growth and change of your radiological institution.

  • Qualified Consulting

We accompany you comprehensively from project planning to installation, training and system start. Afterwards, our qualified service team supports you in all questions, offers software updates, maintenance and early detection of error sources. In this way, you can work undisturbed.