Shake MediTX Clinical Pathways



ShakeMEDITX is a system designed to include management of treatment processes both in clinical and non-clinical activities, resources and financial aspects. The system provides a detailed guide throughout the phases of patient treatment to improve continuity and coordination of treatment in various medical disciplines.

  • Shake MediTX is an open platform specialised in clinical pathways and clinical registries
  • Shake MediTX supports the clinical pathways of any clinical specialty/subspeciality and allows you to easily model and execute clinical pathways using different HIS systems or other specialised medical systems.
  • Sa Shake MediTX allows you to format and collaborate with clinical pathways within CIS / HIS or National Registry or LIMS systems





  • Flawless integration with existing healthcare IT infrastructure through microservice.
  • Shake MediTX is tailored to the strict EU and other laws regarding the safeguarding of healthcare data, of personal data, of digitized documents, etc.
  • Access to the clinical registries from anywhere via Web technologies (HTML5)
  • Enables the collaboration of interdisciplinary teams (consulting specialist, external or internal control group …)
  • Extensive monitoring, surveying and reporting through an integrated or third party solution



  • Integrated reporting:

– Report templates for physicians (their patients)

– Report templates for domain Coordinators (patients of their domain)

– Report templates for consultation board members

– Editor of the templates for national coordinators

  • Shake MediTX can export all the entered data into Microsoft Excel.
  • Ability to export any data to a professional analytics tools (such as Pentaho, IBM Cognos, IBM SPSS, etc.)



  • Implementation time reduced considerably – with vast technical expertise in clinical registries and clinical pathways we offer a guarantee for the implementation of any registry or clinical pathway within a month.
  • Increases the quality of treatment (the system monitors various healthcare indicators, calculates some, and provides physicians with world-class professional expertise).
  • Reduces costs (better and faster data distribution, advanced analytics, identifying unnecessary “bottlenecks” in the process, etc.)




We offer you preconfigured clinical pathways and registries for the following specialties in medicine: rheumatology, gastroenterology, dermatology, pediatrics, neurology, gynecology, ophthalmology, dentistry, cardiology.


Technical characteristics

  • Process documentation in BPMN2.0
  • Software configuration via WEB GUI
  • Availability via cloud technology, independent platforms, SAAS Availability
  • System certified according to international standards and EU standards